Spring River Municipal Golf Course                Riverview Golf Course (9 hole redo)
Roswell, NM                                                        Kirtland, NM
Owner: City of Roswell                                      Owner:
$155,000.00                                                        $309,287.16
March, 1990                                                        June, 2000

The Links (New Construction)                        Sonoma Ranch Golf Course (18 new holes)
Ruidoso, NM                                                       Las Cruces, NM
Owner:                                                                 $1,024,775.55
$448,000.00                                                       January, 2000
July, 1991                                                        
Raton Municipal Golf Course                         Los Alamos County Golf Course
Raton, NM                                                          Los Alamos, NM
Owner: City of Raton                                        Owner: County of Los Alamos
$268,000.00                                                      $237,000.00
July 1991                                                            April, 2001

Shady Oaks Golf Course                                El Paso Airport Golf Course
Baird, TX                                                             El Paso, TX
Owner:                                                                Owner: City of El Paso
$186,000.00                                                      $462,060.50
July, 1992                                                           October, 2006

Pebble Creek Golf Resort                              Sierra Blanca Golf Course
Goodyear, AZ                                                     Ruidoso, NM
Owner:                                                                Owner: Jim Colbert Golf
$339,000.00                                                      $448,000.00
July, 1992

Hogan Park Golf Course                                  Ascarate Golf Courses
Midland, TX                                                          El Paso, TX
Owner: City of Midland                                      Owner: County of El Paso
$343,981.00                                                        $1,988,788.00
December, 1998                                                October 2005
Golf Irrigation        
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